The early 70’s was the perfect time for an independent, motivated, self-starter to serve local contractors tile needs. Before big box stores were around every corner, Steve Lewis opened Ceramic Tile Center’s first location in Montgomery Village in April of 1974. What began as a one man operation has now become a career for the second generation of the Lewis’ and 16 dedicated employees. 


Over the last 40 years, Ceramic Tile Center has grown with the needs of Sonoma County into a comfortable and friendly place to shop that has some of the most sophisticated and diverse products on the market. Above everything else, it is our goal to provide conscientious and caring customer service for all who walk in through our doors. 


Here at Ceramic Tile Center we are not just coworkers, we are a family that works as a team to provide our customers and clients the best possible experience so that all feel at home. Through our dedication to that ideal, we have earned the loyalty of many contractors, designers, and architects and the trust of the community. We value this trust and the relationships we form with all, welcome to the family.